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                Our Story

Our Story begins with our love for adventure and travel. Whenever we would get home from one of our great adventures near and far, the first thing we would do is get some much needed rest. Next we pour through our photos. We talk and reflect back on the trip; however, we realized there was something missing - the written word of our adventures and travels.

 We are both artists, I am an oil painter and photographer; my husband Keith  a potter, sculptor, and leather craftsmen. We started making our own journals to relive those moments once again through the words on the pages.

We plan to leave these journals to our children and grandchildren, to inspire them to explore and discover new places.   

 Keith crafts the leather and I watermark the pages of the paper from photo's taken on journeys. Then he hand stitches the pages into the journals.

We already owned a gift shop By The Boardwalk in Wilmington, North Carolina. So we started making them for our store. They soon were flying off the shelf. Requests then started coming in for other products that my husband and I began making. We now have a full line of handcrafted products.

 With request from our wonderful customs we now are pleased to offer a online store. 

What's your journey?